Flat Fee Pricing Plan for Loan Signing Services

Loan Signing Fee: $225.00

This flat fee includes the following services:

  1. loan document signing.
  2. borrower(s) identification verification.
  3. notarization(s).
  4. basic document handling and processing.
  5. travel within 30 miles of our office.

The flat fee remains consistent regardless of the complexity of the loan transaction or the number of documents involved. It ensures transparency and provides clients with a clear understanding of the cost upfront.

Sunday fee – if a loan signing is requested for a Sunday the flat fee increases to $325. This flat fee includes all services listed above.

Please note that any additional fees beyond the flat fee will be discussed and agreed upon with the client before the signing appointment to ensure transparency and avoid any surprises.


In case of a cancellation, a cancellation fee may apply. The fee will be determined based on the specific circumstances and timeframe of the cancellation.

By offering a flat fee pricing plan, clients can easily understand the cost associated with the loan signing services without having to worry about complexities or variable charges. It provides a straightforward and convenient approach to pricing while maintaining transparency.