About Us

Welcome Message

Welcome to the Mackenzie Hunter Notary Group, a premier notary and loan signing business committed to delivering exceptional and reliable services tailored to your unique needs. With our team of insured, bonded, and certified loan signing agents, we specialize in real estate loan document notarizations. Our goal is to provide a seamless and convenient experience while ensuring your real estate loan documents are accurately and securely notarized. Trust The Mackenzie Hunter Notary Group to be your dependable partner in navigating the loan signing process with professionalism and precision.

Company History

The Mackenzie Hunter Notary Group was founded in 2023 by Dr. Ruben Delgado, a passionate and experienced academic and loan signing agent who recognized the need for reliable and professional loan signing services in the community.

With a vision to create a boutique business that would streamline the loan signing experience for both lenders and borrowers, Dr. Ruben Delgado obtained a notary public and a loan signing certification; and set out to establish The Mackenzie Hunter Notary Group.

In 2023, The Mackenzie Hunter Notary Group, became a proud partner of the National Notary Association, further solidifying its position as a trusted and reputable loan signing business. Furthermore, The Mackenzie Hunter Notary Group has developed strong partnerships with numerous lenders, real estate agencies, escrow, and title companies, which has enabled it to provide seamless and efficient services to its clients.

As we look to the future, The Mackenzie Hunter Notary Group will continue to embrace new technologies (i.e., In-Person Electronic Notarizations) and best practices to enhance its services and offer even greater convenience and peace of mind to clients. We are grateful for the trust our clients have place in us and remain dedicated to providing the highest level of services and professionalism in every loan signing we perform.

Our vision is to be the leading loan signing business in the Inland Empire, recognized for our unwavering dedication to excellence, innovation, and client-centric approach. We strive to be the preferred choice of lenders, borrowers, real estate brokerages, escrow and title companies, by consistently exceeding expectations and adapting to the ever-evolving demands of the real estate and mortgage landscape. As we continue to grow, we remain steadfast in our commitment to enhancing the loan signing experience and empowering our clients with the knowledge and support they need to navigate the loan process with ease and confidence.

At The Mackenzie Hunter Notary Group, our mission is to provide exceptional and dependable loan signing services that streamline the lending process for all parties involved. We are committed to delivering accurate, timely, and professional notarizations while maintaining the highest standards of integrity, confidentiality, and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our clients and partners, fostering trust and confidence in our expertise and ability to navigate the complexities of real estate loan documents.

The Mackenzie Hunter Notary Group is committed to the following core values:

INTEGRITY. Ensuring honesty and transparency in all business transactions.

PROFESSIONALISM. Providing high-quality service, treating all parties with respect, and adhering to best practices.

CONFIDENTIALITY. Safeguarding all client data and respecting privacy.

EFFICIENCY. Striving for quick, smooth, and accurate processing of all transactions.

RELIABILITY. Delivering on commitments and being dependable for all clients.

ADAPTABILITY. Being responsive to changing laws, regulations, and market conditions.

CONTINUOUS LEARNING. Staying updated with industry trends, innovations, and professional developments.

CUSTOMER-CENTRIC. Putting client’s needs and satisfaction at the forefront of all business decisions.

COLLABORATION. Building and maintaining strong relationships will all stakeholders including clients, lenders, title companies, escrow companies, and real estate agents.

RESPONSIBILITY. Taking accountability for our actions and decisions and adhering to the highest ethical standards.

COMPLIANCE. Strict adherence to all federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

SUSTAINABILITY. Minimizing environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices.

INCLUSIVITY. Ensuring equal opportunities and treatment for all clients and stakeholders, regardless of race, gender, religion, or other factors.